Causes and Treatment Options For a Loose Vagina

Women tend to have a stretched vagina once they go through childbirth and aging. There are a lot of complications associated with a loose vagina such as unsatisfactory sex, urinary incontinence, increased chances of having bad vaginal odor and dryness.

Causes of a Loose Vagina

A vagina generally becomes loose once a woman gives birth or approaches the menopausal years. This is because, during delivery of a child, the vaginal muscles expand significantly and become relaxed leading to the vagina losing its firmness.


Also, women who are in their late thirties experience vaginal loosening. Besides, some women are inserting large objects into the vagina which can also lead to this condition. Other factors include sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, and lack of proper attention and care to the vagina.


There are both mental and physical effects of a loose vagina. Once a woman’s vagina loses its tightness, the feeling of penetration which is highly essential for proper sexual satisfaction is reduced to a great extent leading to unsatisfactory sexual life.

Women also tend to avoid having sex because they do not derive much pleasure from it and the chances of bad vaginal odor, dryness, infections, and urinary incontinence increase dramatically.

Treatment Options

Most women are caught unaware of the fact that there are many treatment options nowadays available for tightening a loose vagina hence they accept the fact that their condition will never improve.

Let us examine some of the ways through which a vagina can be tightened and find out if they will be helpful for you.


In the recent past, the surgical procedure for tightening a vagina has come into being. It is one of the fastest and the surest way to get a tighter vagina, but as we all know, there are always complications involved when one goes for surgery. A major drawback of surgery is that it costs thousands of dollars; hence only the wealthy can afford it.


Herbal Remedies

These days, there are herbal creams available which are applied to the vaginal area to tighten it up. Such creams have become immensely popular due to their effectiveness and lack of any side effects. The creams contain herbs which are rich in skin tightening properties, and its regular application helps the vagina regain its original shape and size. You can read more on this.

Find out how to naturally tighten your vagina at home and regain your confidence!