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Aspen Trolley No. 23 in Rubey Park

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Courtesy Dave Cremins - Denver Trolley Site

A vote for the Aspen Trolley

The people of Aspen have  the opportunity to replace  the Galena Street shuttle buses with a narrow gauge, wireless, historic trolley system.  This system will increase downtown service for locals and visitors.  The entire system will be  privately financed by a non-profit group and gifted to the City of Aspen.

Communities around the nation and world have adopted historic trolleys to stimulate local economies, to attract tourism and to facilitate transportation between merchants and parking areas.  Trolleys are an economic and very efficient delivery system for short haul passengers.  For tourists and locals alike, the trolley ride has been recognized everywhere as part of "the experience." As they are more fun to ride than a bus, rider-ship increases..  Trolleys will enhance Aspen's image and give a delightful boost to Aspen's beautiful, historic business district.  Aspen's historic trolleys are less intrusive than a bus and are minimally-polluting.   As Aspen's trolleys are unique and non-replaceable, they are in  serious demand by other cities around the world.

The Aspen Street Railway Company (ASRC), a non-profit organization, has offered to finance and implement a trolley shuttle system to serve the Aspen community.  When completed, the entire system will be given to the citizens of Aspen.  Using trolleys in Aspen has been debated since the early 70's.  In 1982 six historic trolleys were given to Aspen by the ASRC.  On several occasions the ASRC and the City worked closely to develop an Aspen trolley plan that was suitable, affordable and that selected the busy Galena Street corridor as the primary route.  Official trolley support under previous Councils waned behind other priorities and the changing of  Council's members. Now at a point of final decision, the supporters of the Aspen Trolley system are asking Aspen's City Council to place this decision - to implement or reject a trolley system - on the November 2002  ballot.   

This site's purpose is to present you the information needed to make an informed decision on having an Aspen Trolley.  A complete Aspen Trolley proposal brought up to date for 2002 is presented.  Comments and improvements are sought.  Links to cities with working and proposed trolleys permit you to view their motivation, costs, and success.  As this site grows community comments will be added. 

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The issue has come to a critical point. 

The Aspen City Council has resolved to place a question seeking voter approval of the Aspen Trolley Proposal on the November ballot.  We seek your support.  We could lose a once in a lifetime opportunity. .  Don't take our word about how priceless this treasure is, check out our other pages and links to many historic trolleys systems being operated in other communities.

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