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Glenwood Railroad Museum


Staff of Glenwood Springs Colorado Midland ticket office, circa1897. Photograph by Harry H. Buckwalter.

Courtesy of Del Gerbaz     CM-32

FREIGHT & PASSENGER TRAINS PASS AT GLENWOOD  just east of the depot, mid-to-late 1970's.                                                   Courtesy of Anonymous       DR-33


ENGINE #1522 AT GLENWOOD SPRINGS  At Funston Yard, a 4-8-2 heads for another assignment (circa 1948).         Courtesy of Ross Griffin   DR-38

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Map D&RG RR Glenwood Springs 1919 - note trestle over Grande river to rail yards on N side of river.

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Map D&RG RR Glenwood Springs 1941 - note Funston yards on N side of river - 6th St track was extended to Grand Hotel for Teddie Roosevelt's visit.