Western Colorado Chapter

of the National Railway Historic Society

UP's Board of Director's Special

The Union Pacific Board of Directors Special traveled from Denver to Salt Lake City on September

28th & 29th, 2000.  The train was scheduled to simply pass through Glenwood Springs around 5:30pm on the 28th, but sometimes it really is who you know.  A couple members of the Chapter are friends with the daughter of one of the UP Board members and he and his wife wanted to stop and see their daughter in Glenwood Springs.  The Chapter knew this train would be traveling through Glenwood, but was unsure if a stop would be made and if we would have a chance to talk to UP officials about our project.  Some good planning by the Chapter and a confirmation call from the satellite phone on the train made all of this possible.  (Thanks to Pat Girardot for capturing all of these images.)

The Western Colorado Chapter of the NRHS would like to thank all of those who made this opportunity possible.  Special thanks also goes to the Union Pacific officials who took the time to listen to our situation and indicated that they would "make it happen" for our Chapter.  They delivered!

Bob Turner and several other Officials and Board members took the time to check out the "Ladies Waiting Room" through the Depot windows. This 30' by  30' space would provide an ideal location for our museum.

Jan and Matt explain the Museum project to Bob Turner, Senior Vice President - Corporate Relations - Union Pacific Corp., while Monica keeps an eye on Dylan.

It has been a while since a passenger train like this has stopped at Glenwood Springs.

Most of the people on the train took advantage of the stop to get off and stretch their legs and meet the welcoming party. 

Phil Anschutz strolls by while Jan explains the project to a member of the Board, with Lounge Car Walter Dean in the background.

Waiting to greet the train are Monica, Dylan & Matt Hutson holding the welcome banner, Todd Busse (behind Matt), Paul Birkholz, Ali Rodney with her dogs Bear & Otis, and Jan Girardot with Pat behind the camera.

The banner reads: "Union Pacific Board of Directors, Welcome to Glenwood, We need your help to open a railroad museum in this station, Western Colorado Chapter - National Railway Historical Society"

UP 4167, one of the brand new SD70Ms, led the train on the entire trip and was helped by UP's set of E-9s.  The train consisted of Power Car 207, Staff Car Cabarton, Sleeper Car Little Rock, Business Car St. Louis,  Business Car Feather River, Exercise Car Promontory,  Power Car 208, Sleeper Car Portola, Sleeper Car Green River, Sleeper Car Omaha, Sleeper Car Wyoming, Sleeper Car Powder River, Lounge Car Walter Dean,  Diner City of Denver, and Observation Car Fox River.

As you can tell by all the Sleeper Cars, everyone on board the train was also staying there for the night.  The train spent about 30 minutes in Glenwood Springs and then continued on to Helper, UT for the night.

Jan Girardot, our Chapter president, was all dressed up to meet the UP Special.  He was also well supplied with our pamphlet for all those who wanted information about our plans for a museum in the east end of the depot.

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